that moment of complete silence

Hey You, tnx for stopping by.
I'm Kornelio but most people call me Memo.Husband and fahter, crazy about soccer, snowboarding and dancing. Live my life with full lungs, see only positive in people and share love and laughter everywhere I go.

Life is an awfully big adventure. That's how I got into photography after all.
Giving you the opportunity to see beauty in everything, frame that moment and make people happy watching it, drove me into weddings.

From the first moment I wanted to create something different. Tell the whole story about 2 people and unique love they share. Yes, UNIQUE, and that's the way I approach it. I allways say to my newlyweds: We will make photos of your love story, not me, not you, WE MAKE IT. My approach is fully personal, making creative original photos with each pair I work with.
So if you feel like we could have fun, you like photos I share and you're somewhere between Mercury and Saturn feel free to contact me. I'm available worldwide

About me

Storytelling is my way to present

the love of two

And what you’re about to witness

Are personal stories of my newlyweds

So here’s my story

in love with my daughter,wife

And my


I’m addicted to



But most of all

I'm addicted to film photography


telling love stories through it

So this is the moment

where our stories collide

Every Love Story is Unique

and meant to be told by one who can

feel it,

care for it,

and tell it through pictures

So if You’re a

rally driver

a school teacher

Your Passion Is

collecting umbrellas

You dream of running through fields

with your beloved one

Or you just can’t wait

for that spin in your life

Contact Me Lets Click Together

because angels have no philosophy but


If you missed some of my recent stories